Thursday, September 6, 2018

Of Mice and Meh

Witness Performance

Why do we pander to mediocrity and bad behaviour from male comics? Aboriginal comedy writer Angelina Hurley reflects on her disappointments.
In 2018, the dominance of male mediocrity in stand-up comedy makes me sigh. It's tiring sitting through shows where obvious analogy reigns. Those whose audiences laugh hysterically simply on the comedian’s entrance, way before he opens his mouth, way before a joke is structured. Those shows when you witness an anticipated tsunami of a punch line roll in like a little swell. The only rating I can award this type of comedy is “dry”. Or as Aboriginal peoples often say, 'gammin': fake, pretend, pathetic.
Across the board men get away with bad behaviour and are even rewarded for it. Look at Louis C.K.'s recent impertinent come back to stand-up. As an Aboriginal woman, my love of comedy and humorous analytical discourse is an embedded survival and healing mechanism. It has evolved as one of the ways of dealing with the ongoing historical repercussion...

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