Saturday, January 3, 2009

Murrie Xmas

Murrie Xmas

I don’t know about everyone else but for me the whole festive season just feels like one giant enema. It comes along and sucks the money, patience, time, emotion, sense, and strength right out of you. As I get older I am finding it really hard to be enthusiastic about it. The Xmas enema has sucked all the festivity out of me.

I literally left my shopping this year until the day before Xmas. Couldn’t bare the crowds and the madness. One year I went with my mother and aunt. To this day they get up before the sun comes up (due to their forced removal from a mission to labour as domestics at 13 yrs old), do all the house work, washing, ironing, mowing etc then get bored waiting for the shops to open. They then go and wait in the car in the car park. Womba me got sucked into going one year. Half asleep I sit in the back seat with one eye open as another car pulls up in the distance full of mob. A huge empty car park and two cars full of murries. They stick there arms out the windows and start waving at us. ‘Mum those black fullas are waving at us over there’, ‘Oh look that’s Aunty and the cousins’. OMG! Who else would be doogle enough to be sitting in a vacant car park at the crack of dawn, too waiting for that shop to open so they can blow all their money. Who does that? Murries that’s who.

So of course that’s what the government was counting on this year. For all my rellies to rock up to the shops before they open, and plough all that bonus money back into the economy. As soon as the shops opens you run into every relative you know spending money like black Paris Hiltons. There are relatives with eight to ten kids literally spending their $1000 per kid on each kid. What? Let’s not do anything a little sensible like save some of it. Let’s blow the whole lot.

I don’t know sometimes I think mob love being in debt hey. Or they just don’t seem to worry about it. Maybe it doesn’t matter because that’s the magic of mob, they’re resourceful and survivors. No matter how much they haven’t got they’ll always make do or find a way to get it. If they can’t afford food, there’s Chrisco Food Hampers . If they can’t afford presents, there’s Crazy Clarks, or the pressie you didn‘t like from last year. Just rewrap it and rename it. If they can’t get somewhere they’ll find someone whose goin’ there way. If they can’t get back they’ll wait ‘till someone is coming back (this could mean that you end up with an unwanted relative in your house for quite a few months).

After putting myself through financial stress, battling crazed shoppers, and eating and drinking myself to the point of nearly booking myself in for a real enema, the Queensland summer kicked in. The searing 35 - 40% heatwave meant that by New Years day I was totally over it all. We were all just sitting around sweating like a bunch of corrupt cops. All murrie wanted to do was get cool. Thank god for my cuz with the pool.

Welcome to my Womba World.


  1. Hey Ange,
    Great read and oh so true! Looking forward to your next blog......