Friday, July 2, 2010

Angelina in Wombaland

Wow! I haven’t blogged anything for nearly a year. I have been kinda side tracked though...understatement of the year. Yeah, good go Alice! Wonderland has got nothing on the twilight zone and abyss of Wombaland.

The last year’s journey into Wombaland plagued me with a warren of rabbits trying to crash my party and lead me down a variety of holes, and through numerous mazes. Mad Hatters poured their multiple personality infused brews of conversation down my throat. Tyrannical Kings and Queens tried to reign and enforce their laws over the lay of the land….."Off with their heads!" Lovely Caterpillars selflessly gave their wisdom and advice to help me cope with the crazy encounters (you know who you are GFs).

I have to admit to a delightful plethora of literal and metaphorical eating, drinking and physical experiences that allowed me to adapt to my environments. So now that the smarmy Cheshire Cat grinners have totally disappeared into their puffs of smoke forever, and the Jabberwock of emotions and situations have been slain, I’ve returned to the party.

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