Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Secret Life of Ange

Wow! Posting the Haka in support of the All Blacks for the Bledisloe Cup on Facebook caused a flurry of phone calls and questioning emails.

“What the hell Ange?”
“Since when are you a sports fan?”
“Is there a side of you we don’t know about?”

Forgive me Father for I have mislead my friends. I’m kind of a sports fan, but not really. There is a side of me that they probably don’t know about.

And that is, I am unashamedly a bias, discriminatory pervert when it comes to watching sport. My love for sport is not conventional with an interest in following a team, game plans, strategy, management, wage caps, or sports panel tv shows. I really don’t give a crap about any of that. It bores me to death.

However, quickly clocking a hot brother running, diving, jumping, falling, rolling, etc in any sport, while channel surfing through a night of brain numbing telly, will successfully get a audience rating of plus 1 out of me.

I don’t actually know the rules of any sport except probably tennis ‘cause it’s easy to follow. My criteria for watching sport is literally based on who is the hottest, or how many hot guy/s playing at the time.

I mean really what sista seriously goes for Australia when they are playing against the All Blacks? And if they said they did.…..they were lying!

If media and sporting organisations seriously want to boost ratings and audience participation, maybe they should look into the potential to engage Australia’s estimated 259 734 female Indigenous population. It’s not rocket science! I can guarantee you there is 1.25 % of the population that would tune in to an event that had more brothers in it.

Sports like football, soccer, boxing, track, basketball and even tennis pretty much have it covered. Don’t tell me that the up and coming Commonwealth Games couldn’t do with a little help from the mob eg:

* Fencing - who wouldn’t watch a brother dressed in tight white padded bodysuit, wielding a sword and thrusting it into another colonial.

* Equestrians Events - regionally there are some deadly horse riders out there. If a brother were allowed to make some customs adjustments and wear a black Akubra, black jeans, shirt and cowboy boots. He’d be flyin’ over those obstacles and around those barrels.

* Gymnastics, Cycling and Diving – say no more, use your imagination. A guaranteed both male and female viewing audience.

Anyway in the mean time bring on the next NRL Indigenous All Stars Game!

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  1. Oh my gosh Angelina! You wanna warn people before you send that out. I was laughing so hard on the bus reading it, they all must have thought i was womba! Hell girl that was hilarious.


  2. Haha. Spot on, Ms Hurley! Good job :)

    Cinna Allison

  3. Oh Ang, I'll never look at sporting events again the same. I'll just look at them a lot harder and more often.

    Sarah Martin

  4. You are as funny as I remember!

    Lissa Howard

  5. Love it babe you is to deadly oxo

    Kerry Reed-Gilbert