Friday, May 6, 2011

Football: the continuing education of Ange

In August last year I posted a story about the Bledisloe Cup game titled ‘The Secret Life of Ange’, which discussed how sistas went for New Zealand because there were no brothers on the Australian side. I offered a very logical theory about boosting viewer rating by putting more brothers in the team. Well how the tables have turned! It looks like the ARL selection committee read my blog and took note….well maybe?

I tell ya what though there was definitely a 1.25% increase in female Indigenous viewing audience of the footy last night, and according to my incoming text messages, most where viewing from inside the stadium. 

Sorry my Maori brothers, as much as I love the Haka my very fickle sporting support system has redirected my loyalty back to Australia. With seven brothers in the Australian side you don’t have a hope. Together they sound like a nearly extinct Indigenous language all of their own, ‘Inglisthurstonhodges Idris Thaidayyowyehtonga’.

I was watching ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ when my mate from Kallangur reminded me that the game had started. A flick of the remote had me immediately hooked with the commentary “groin and ice pack”. ‘Where?!!!”, Sista yells at the telly. Hence my slow growing knowledge of the foot-balling medical conditions had me watching closely for ice packs to arrive every time an injury occurred.

I am not so sure those medical guys know what they are doing though. Sista was tres confused as the commentary voiced concern (as I was) about brother Justin’s cheek bones when injured. The medical guy ran onto the field and felt his face. Whichway?! Hmmm think I missed something there.

Ice Pack!

As stated in my previous blog I have absolutely no idea about the rules of the game. What the hell off side, dummy half, etc means is all alien to me. After 90 minutes of me yelling “WTF” at the tv and waiting for ice packs to appear, I figured it was probably a good thing I was watching the game by myself. I can see my serious sports-loving family and friends getting annoyed at my questions and commentary. It’s all a bit of fun for me. Thank god for technology though ie the video referee, ‘cause according to me every time a brother got over the line it was try.  I know, I know my bias is unashamedly blatant. Dawnt it makes me slack to see those lips hangin’ when they drop the ball or miss a try.

And so the half hearted twice a year foot-balling education of Ange continues. It was seriously a deadly game though. I love watching the Anzac Test and the Indigenous All Stars Game. It was just good to see more Indigenous representation and it’s about time. And in response to a recent non-Indigenous sports fan who questioned what he thought was over representation of Indigenous players on teams, well now you know why. Australia won 20 –10. The brothers are deadly. If were up to me they’d have a monopoly and just to be internationally friendly I’d chuck in a Moimoi too.

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  1. Marilyn Miller - Hahahaha.....M xx

  2. Melissa Anderson - he he, you're terrible muriel x

  3. What a great uneducated (in the football way)perspective keep checking on those groin injuries....

  4. Cinna Allison - Lol. Too funny, Ange! Good job, sis xo

  5. Kerry Klimm - lookin for cheeck bones - what you saying Hodges got a boney din

  6. What do you call a bunch of white men sitting on a bench?

    The Australian Rugby League team. Gammin.

  7. Anusha Lee - you r the bomb diggity my sista!