Monday, July 18, 2011

Open Your Binungs (Ears)

I wonder?! Do other cultures have the same problems as we do when it comes to communication?  I mean having a conversation, telling a story, or just getting the mob to listen properly is hard. Somehow within the abyss of the womba Indigenous verbal communication system, stories get totally out of this world different scenarios understood and relayed. Some blame it on a lack of educational skill. Elders blame it on old age and hearing problems. My mum reckons everyone just needs to clean out their binungs (ears).

On the verge of leaving Australia to study at New York University my family are making me home sick already. With much love, pride and good intent my family continuously support me by asking what I am doing overseas. Time a ticking, I try to give them the quick version with the thought that providing too much information will confuse. I should know from life experience that doesn’t matter.  Regardless of how much info I give them, someone always gets it wrong….dawnt.

Uncle - ‘Where you going bub?’
Me - ‘The United States Uncle. New York!’
Cuz -‘Too flash cuz?’
Aunty – ‘Yeah she deadly this one. Like her father’.
Cuz –‘Where you studying?’
Me – ‘NYU’
Uncle – ‘YU?’
Me – ‘What?’
Uncle – ‘Why you?’
Me  - ‘Hey?’
Aunty – ‘Uncle wants to know why you’
Me – ‘Oh, um, ‘cause I got a scholarship’
Cuz – ‘True! What scholarship?’
Me  - ‘The Fulbright Indigenous Scholarship’
Aunty (yelling to another cuz) – ‘ere she got a Full Aboriginal Scholarship’
Me – Nah, nah Aunty Fulbright!
Cuz – ‘ere you a full Aborigine LOL!
Me (rubbing my head) – ‘Oh far out’.
Uncle – ‘There’s lots a black fullas over there hey!’.
Me – ‘Yeah Uncle.
Aunty – ‘You got somewhere to stay?’
Me – ‘Yeah I’ve been skyping a guy who works at NYU. He helped me find somewhere.  So I am good’.
Me (trying to regain the conversation) - Oh yeah, and Ben Harper is playing in New York when I get there.  I am so excited.
Cuz – ‘Shut up you gonna see Ben Harper?
Uncle – ‘You been skyping Ben Harper!’
Me -  ‘Noooo Uncle. I am going to see him in concert’
Aunty (yelling to another cuz) - ‘ere she staying with Ben Harper!
Uncle – ‘You working with him?’.
Me (now ripping my hair out) - OMG!
Cuz  - ‘True cuz!’
Me (just go with it Ange) – ‘YES, YES! That’s right I got a Full Aborigine Scholarship to go live with Ben Harper and work on his new album at New York University.
Uncle, Aunty and Cuz – ‘Ooohhh DEADLY Girl!’

So there you have it. Writing course?!  What writing course?! And everyone wonders why I am so excited about my trip. So as I fly off into the sunset, much to Ben Harper’s surprise (and my absolute fantasy) I bid you adieu. With no experience in the music industry what so ever, I head off to the United States to live with him and work on his new album. What a lucky Murrie am I! Don’t you laugh now. You’ll all be shocked if I come back as Mrs Harper..…well that’s my plan anyway.

PS. I love you all long time my crazy ass mob.  Will miss you. xxxxx

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  1. Ha you're cracked love your new blog LMAO!

  2. so im guessing the more you listen to Ben H, the cleaner ur binungs become ??? bhahahaha

  3. Congratulations on attaining the Fulbright Scholarship. I really enjoyed your blog and shall keep my binungs open for more of your adventures

  4. Have a great time Ang...and say hi to Ben! xx

  5. Hey sis,

    I was going to contact you via the blog – but don’t have gmail so thought I’d just drop you a line to say how much I loved the last posting – laughing out loud!! Hope NY(U) is still as amazing as ever, and hears hoping Ben Harper’s on the look out for a deadly, funny, gorgeous new (or original) Mrs Harper xoxoxoxo

  6. LMBAO Ange! So true, my sister. No matter how far u travel, that murri humour will follow u all yr days. What a deadly blessing! :)

  7. That is the funniest thing you have ever written. And please remember to thank us all when you and Ben win a Grammy! Love you long time. xxxx

  8. Fiona Wirrer - GeorgeJuly 20, 2011 at 4:53 PM

    Ange I already miss you..............I just started my day off with this reading : ) !!!!! (OMG and this image...........!!

  9. Ange, you crack me up!...after laughing, had tears in my eyes that you will be going....and come back as Mrs Ben Harper...haha. M xx

  10. lol too funny ange, you have a ball with ben and the muso's...and congratulations on the fulbright. give em heaps over there!

  11. Just be ... fabulous xxx

  12. be awesome.. be yourself Ange.. xxxx

  13. ROFL!!! i like it!!! made me laugh!!

  14. OMG I've just read it again and it's even funnier the second time round, seriously the comment about you trying to regain the conversation totally brings tears to my eyes....very entertaining.

  15. What a funny post! I am laughing out loud. Best of luck to you in New York (my hometown), it's an intense city but keep your sense of humor and you will love it and it will love you back!!

  16. He got a grandfather? I just got back a story has me with degrees and famous. Yep it's family. Wishing you award winning writing skills and a great time in the city I live. Love. And Edinburgh not that far away. Come visit.

  17. JM John ArmstrongJuly 21, 2011 at 7:59 PM

    great piece Ange - I've shared on my wall - when do you leave?