Tuesday, October 1, 2013

1000 Shades of Brown and Deadly

A raucous chorus of Murries yelled support for Rhonda Purcell as she strutted her stuff on stage at the Sleeman Sport Centre in Brisbane on Saturday 28th September. ‘Gooooo 106! Work it Rhonda!’, rang through auditorium as sista took her place in the final 5 of the Open Fitness section of The International Body Building Competition (INBA). Rhonda started working out in 2011 and over the last three years she has literally transformed herself and her life. She started attending the Dundee’s Boxing and Fitness Gym in Brisbane with the original goal to simply achieve better health and weight loss. However she quickly developed a love for training, boxing and cardio workouts that has spurred on her self-determination and drive into a higher level of training and serious competition.

Work it Rhonda!

Whichway?...I thought spray tans were the domain of Californians and TV presenters. Not so! Having no need for (or interest in) its application had left me totally in the dark about the extent of its use until…the INBA came to town. You know how Murries go when they think they spot another countryman…

‘ere is that a black fulla?’
‘Ober there’
‘hhhh...I dunno, maybe’.

I reckon to my cuzy sitting next to me…

Me:        ’Do you reckon that person ordered an extra brown tan, or they were already a bit                
               brown before. So now they look black?’
Cuzy:     ’Hmmm maybe the second one hey’.

A weird ass range of spray tan shades could have you thinking you’d just landed in Loompaland or Pandora. There were a few Ooompas and Avatars wondering around. Regardless, it’s not a competition to turn up and watch with any underlying self-esteem or body image issues let me tell you. The category of Bikini Mums for examples…Good Go! They didn’t have kids. They adopted them. The ladies were rockin’ it. And the men’s section…well what can I say? With a couple of brothas scattered through the mix (not enough for me), it left our row of Murries jaw droppingly silent ;) Now that was a first.

There was quite a difference between the men and women’s comps. The gals worked it 100%, from stage entry to stage exit. The Cheshire grinning, hair flicking, one arm sun salutating beauties never let their guard down for a minute. Where as the fullas…well seemed to be too shame to strike a pose until provoked by the audience. They also needed some serious fashion advice about their choice in jardajars (pants). However, everyone’s fitness level was spectacular. We sat stunned through heats of shiny bodies, six pack flexing, mannequin like poses, and back and butt displays that I reckon were just bustin’ to break out into a big twerk sessions. I am not sure if din/ moom/ mooyoo judging was part of the criteria, but it should have been.

As the music evoked the mob to groove in our seats, Rhonda entered the stage. With true sista style, grace, and professionalism Rhonda stood out amongst the competitors. In a sea of Barbies the sista held her own. Our voices cracked and nearly lost with screams of excitement as she was called up into the final five of her heat. You know how we go. Her years of training and hard work has paid off and made her a true competitor. Rhonda’s transformation has been amazing. She is inspiring both men and women in her community and becoming a role model. 

Before / After

Since starting INBA competitions in 2012, she has placed:

5th - QLD Physique Titles September 2013 Brisbane: Fitness Model Opens.
2nd - INBA AFC (All Female Classic) June 2013 Melbourne:  Fitness Model 30+.
3rd - INBA AFC (All Female Classic) June 2013 Melbourne: Fitness Model Opens.
7th - INBA Brisbane Natural Physique Titles May 2013 Brisbane: Fitness Model Opens.

‘It’s a tough level of training combined with diet if you want to compete. You have to be much more disciplined, more focussed, more committed and train harder’, she says.

 Rhonda with proud husband Dan (L), with trainer Dundee Kim (R)

Her next competition is in Melbourne on 6th October at the INBA Australian Titles. However the big event comes up on 10th November 2013 where Rhonda will be competing in the ABA/INBA/PBNA Natural Olympia in San Diego, USA.

Sponsorship is now being sort to help Rhonda compete in America. Let’s all get behind the sista! If you wish to help please contact:

Dundee Kim
Dundee’s Boxing and Fitness Gym
249 Montague Road
Brisbane. QLD. 4101
T: 0488 500 134

Congratulations and good luck in the United States Rhonda. We’re proud of you!

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  1. HI
    SIS .......YOURE NEXT

  2. This is great Angelina – too deadly.

  3. Great story !! What an inspiration!!

  4. Great story there Angelina. Will there be any specific fund raising event raffle etc.

  5. I'm gonna donate a little that I can. She looks freakin awesome! and I'm sure she's an intelligent, gorgeous personality to boot! and yes, her hubby Dan looks well proud - look at his gal!!!

    xxx A great story

  6. Gawd, looking at her makes me want to take a nap! How much lifting of heavy stuff would you have to do to get that bod? Great story.

  7. Thanks for sharing this! Great story.

  8. makes me want to drop everything a visit the gym..............am inspired and love her committment and dedication in reaching goals........too deadly, colleenj