Monday, April 10, 2017

Wild Black Women on 98.9 fm

We're Going Live!

Wild Black Women is the new deadly serious and comedic segment on 98.9fm radio in Brisbane.  

Chelsea Watego Bond and Angelina Hurley talk about what makes them wild.

Now we are asking you What Makes You Wild? Send us any topics or issues that make you wild.  We will bring them up for discussion on the show and give you a shout out on the radio.


  1. WOW … Congratulations Angelina, having your own show is just perfect for you. I, like many other women, have many things to be wild about, so be prepared for a lot of emails and texts!!! Haha

    All the best to you and Chelsea.

  2. Heyyyyyyyyy!! Oh, too fucking deadly sistergirl :)

  3. Deadly sis keep doing what your doing.